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Coffee Mugs and Coasters

I found a website called Zazzle. It has all sorts of things that you can customize with your own art work. The coasters and coffee mugs turned out quite well, I think.

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Fence Painting

It turns out that our new garden fence is perfect for hanging paintings. I use the big S hooks. My paintings typically have tons of layers of acrylic paint so they are quite likely to be able to tolerate the sun and rain and wind and rain and sun and squirrels and rain ….

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Hello. I’m a bit worried you came here under false pretenses. This is not exactly a portfolio. Rather it is a sort of blog, sort of portfolio, sort of a sharing place for some of things that I do that are vaguely related to my evil plan to infect the world with a bit of colour and light and humor even when things are dreadful.

Some of these things are purely one off messing around things. Some of them are things I have experienced. Some things are abject failures that I can warn you about before you try. Anyway, the whole point is, there might be something in here that sparks an idea. Which is cool. Because then you become part of the evil plan.

Shoulder Bag Art by Jeremy Sedita, Seamonster Workshop

Several years ago a friend of ours, Jeremy Sedita, of Seamonster Workshop, was making truly excellent shoulder bags. He suggested we try printing some cloth with some of my images. He lined the inside of the pockets with the cloth.

Instagram @seamonster_workshop

Patched up Cushions

These poor old cushions have been abused. We use them outside which means, inevitably, we leave them out when we shouldn’t. They get grubby and fading ensues. Also nasty impossible to remove sticky spots from the gum that drips down from our great big douglas firs in the back garden make permanent stains. I gave them a new lease of life with a patchwork of some of my prints.

I use the Avery iron on transfers that work with ink jet printers. Then I iron the transfer onto squares of old white sheet material. (BTW don’t iron on the floor with only a pillow case underneath your material. You WILL burn the varnish and leave a very irritating brown patch that doesn’t blend in with the rest of the floor no matter how hard you squint, with one eye covered, in low-light.) Then I sew the patches onto the pillow cases using a nice wide and tight zigzag stitch.

The interesting thing is that the transfer stuff is a little bit plastically so the patches are perfect for outside use.


These are 13 x 17″prints of my tapestry pictures. I use a little bull-clip to hang them on nails so I can easily change them around. The only issue is when the window is open and the wind is blowing a bit – quite often I have to retrieve them.

Silly Stripy Sox Series

On my iPad, in Sketch, playing around with grey tone pencil drawing with just a bit of color. (We were all a bit concerned about the easter bunny who looked alarmingly ill tempered, considering its role in the holiday.)