I am very proud to have work included in the Nationally Juried Exhibit What If? from January 5 – February28, 2023

1100 NW Glisan Street 
Portland, OR. 97209

What If?

“Last night while I lay thinking here
some What Ifs crawled inside my ear
and pranced and partied all night long
and sang their same What If song”
(from a Shel Silverstein poem)

Gallery 114 is proud to present work based on the theme “What if?” This juried exhibit represents work from 28 artists hailing from within a national pool. The range and breadth of artistic expression in interpreting this concept resulted in provocative, expressive and creative energy.

Participating artists:
Clint Atkinson, Bruce Block, Penelope Caldwell, Hector Carmona Miranda, Ron Conrad, Patricia Downs, Elaine Erne, Jennifer Fernandez, Hazel Glass, Dave Hanson, Robin Kerr, David Carmack Lewis, Andrea Lopez Chen, Sara Luna, Chas Martin, Jennifer McBrien, Georgiana Neil, Ani Pelucarte, John Potter, Candace Pratt, Susie Rakusin, L. Katherine Roberts, Mei Seva, Steve Sorenson, Ellen Stauder, Jim Stears, Leon White.

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Excuse Me Coming Through
Acrylic paint, Ink, Wax pastel on panel

Shaggy Dog Tale
Acrylic paint, Ink, Wax pastel on panel
40 x 30 inches