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Painting-Textile-Collage-Mixed Media

Recently, I was commissioned to create some paintings for friends who have moved to a house with a lovely big stairway wall that is perfect for large, bold art.

I actually tried to talk them into finding someone who would create a tapestry or some sort of fabric wall hanging because the space is perfect for it. But they insisted that they wanted my work. To help, they sent me a list of the things they love about their new house which is set in a tree sheltered private garden and a stones throw from the river. I realized that the paintings on the stairway wall could be windows to the garden and the river on the other side of the house.

They are called The River Windows, and because I couldn’t rid myself of the idea of a textile hanging of sorts, they are collages of variously painted, inked, charcoaled canvas and cotton and linen and paper.

As is so often wont to happen, this led to more ideas about mixing all sorts of things together. Here are some more pieces inspired by The River Windows.

Clockwise starting top left: The Girl’s Hair, Sand Dunes, Her Royal Tallness.

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